How I Work

I work with the whole family. I spend time in their home to understand their mottos, attitudes and belief systems so I can comprehend their life together.

  • First I visit their home and spend a whole day observing.
  • I then meet with the parents and give them feedback about my insights
  • We establish an action plan together. This might comprehend Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual changes.
  • Weekly meetings occur and I support the change
  • Monthly supervision is offered.


Initial Consultation

30 min in your own home
  • 30 min Initial Consultation
  • Exploration of main concerns
  • Discussion about Warm Parenting's unique framework

Home Assessment

Observation in natural environment
£ 250 whole day
  • Parent/Child/Siblings Observation
  • Assessment of child's room and environment
  • Analysis of dynamics at meal times
  • Playing area, toys, playing style
  • Daily rhythm
  • Weekly rhythm and schedule
  • Additional meeting to report findings

Treatment Plan

Regular weekly sessions
£ 50 per session
  • Implementation of individualised plan
  • Guidance
  • Advice
  • Support
  • Setting Goals and Review