How I see my Work

My aim is to help families in the direction their hearts speak.

Parents hold too many expectations of their role and society also dictates a way of parenting.  How do we choose the right path?

Listening to parents’ pain, frustrations, desires and fears clears the path that comes from within.

The ultimate purpose of my work with parents is to bring as much light and consciousness to the family as possible. In order to do so, I invite them to do some gentle exploration on:

  • Deepening their understanding of childhood
  • Clarifying their values
  • Bringing awareness to their beliefs, feelings and actions
  • Embracing a humble attitude in order to understand themselves and their child.

Parenting is a lifetime journey and every little change in awareness eases the next steps.

SIMPLIFYING is my motto. Particularly in early childhood, simplifying life enables parents to be present and fosters real connection with members of the family. Children need constant presence when they are little, letting go gradually of their demands as they grow.

WARMTH: Warmth is key in order to live and grow. Children need Physical and Emotional warmth. Physical warmth allows the developing body of the child to grow healthily, building an strong foundation for the rest of their life. Emotional warmth allows the child to feel the love from adults and wider environment so they can grow secure, confident and balanced.

Every single interaction between adult and child should contain both. Think for a moment about all those times when we put a coat, a hat or a nappy on a child; or when we put them to bed or serve them their food. Do we do this with a loving presence or do we do it automatically and without connection?

NEEDS AND DESIRES: As adults, we need to always attend to the children’s needs with our full attention and presence. Needs are universal and atemporal. But desires are different and need to be treated as personal and temporary. 

BOUNDARIES are the most important element of creative discipline. They give children security and a constant framework within which to express their will. They are an expression of family values and help children integrate into society.