How I see the Family

Each family is unique. Parents and children come together in this lifetime to learn lessons by working with each other. Part of the parents’ job is to share their love with, and pass their values onto the coming generation, as well as trying to create the nurturing conditions for their offspring to blossom.

But parenting is not an easy job.

It is a life-long journey and we frequently experience extreme feelings towards another human being. Often, dealing with partners, children, newborns and ourselves can be hugely overwhelming and sometimes, having some help from outside our system can make a big difference. This can be a loving piece of advice, wisdom from a book or having some listening space where parents can transform their feelings into a growthful attitude that can have an invaluable impact on the whole family.

My aim is to help regain harmony within the family after exploring the parents’ values, beliefs, fears, desires, the parenting style and childhood experiences.

As adults, we need to understand our own behaviour, as well as the child’s, in order to make positive changes.