My Journey

I have always loved children. When I was studying for my degree in Psychology, I felt a strong pull towards early childhood and I knew I wanted to cultivate a deeper understanding of the early years.

Once I graduated, I continued studying different approaches and gathering the tools I use today in working with children. Gestalt Therapy helped me understand that the child is interconnected and a product of the wider family context. Waldorf Education taught me the importance of rhythm and reverence in a child’s life. Pikler showed me the relevance of treating the child with Respect. My Mental Health studies have been instrumental in linking the environmental conditions with emotions and developing organs in the child. Anthroposophy has developed my view of the child as a spiritual being having an earthly existence. Finally, Nature Connection has taught me the importance of exposing the child to the natural world and rhythms, the elements and the simple, slow pace.

In addition to my studies, I have worked with many children, babies and families in a multitude of settings, as a teacher, a leader and a parent. 

My three children have given me continuous opportunities to expand my knowledge about and compassion for both childhood and parenthood.